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History of Dalhousie University

A guide for researching the history of Dalhousie University

Key Facts

  • The first Public Administration program at Dalhousie was created in 1936
  • The School of Information Management (SIM) was created as the School of Library Service (SLS) in 1969. The first MLS (Master of Library Service) degree was awarded in May 1971
  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program was created in 1967
  • In the 1972-1973 academic year, the Master of Business Administration program obtained the research faculty members required to begin research activities 
  • The Faculty of Administrative Studies was created in 1975, and included the School of Business Administration (formerly the Department of Commerce), the School of Public Administration, the School of Library Services, and the Maritime School of Social Work
  • The faculty was renamed the Faculty of Management Studies (later the Faculty of Management) in 1984
  • In 1987, the School of Business Administration constituted 75% of the faculty employed. During this time, the Master of Library and Information Studies program had 6 and a half full time faculty
  • The School of Library Service (SLS) was renamed the School of Information Management (SIM) in 2005
  • The Master of Information Management (MIM) Program was launched in 2008
  • The Corporate Residency MBA was launched in 2009. The next year, European CEO magazine calls the faculty the most innovative business school in Canada

Deans of the Faculty of Management

Key People