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History of Dalhousie University

A guide for researching the history of Dalhousie University

Key Facts

  • The Faculty of Open Learning and Career Development was created in 2003
  • The Faculty was known as College of Continuing Education (CCE) from 2003 to 2021
  • The Faculty is an amalgamation of several historically separate institutions, including Henson College, Dalhousie's Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), the Henson Centre, and the Office of Part Time Studies of Extension
  • Public Affairs, the second quarterly published by Dalhousie, was created by IPA founder Lothar Richter
  • The College's Transition Year Program (TYP) began in 1970 to increase the access and the successful participation of Black and Aboriginal students at Dalhousie University
  • The Faculty currently has more than 250 instructors from a variety of backgrounds

Deans of the College of Continuing Education

Key People