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History of Dalhousie University

A guide for researching the history of Dalhousie University

Key Facts

  • Between 1930 and 1950, Dalhousie had awarded three hundred masters degrees without a Graduate Studies faculty
  • The Faculty was stablished in 1949
  • Seventy to eighty students registered for their Master of Arts or Master of Science in first year of FGS
  • Fees were set at $100 to $150 per year
  • Degrees available in the faculty’s first year: for a Master’s of Arts; Classics, Economics, English Language and Literature, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Public Administration, Philosophy, Political Science; for a Master’s of Science; Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Physiology
  • 95 Master’s, 45 PhD and 10 graduate certificate and diploma programs available as of 2017
  • Graduate students are represented by a separate student union known as the Dalhousie Association for Graduate Students

Deans of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Key People

Resources in the University Archives