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Data and Statistics

a guide to finding data and/or statistics of interest to students and scholars engaged in all kinds of research.

Sources of Data - By Subject

To expand your search, you can:

  • Visit Statistic Canada's Statistics by Subject portal (best practice is usually to click on "all subtopics").
  • Visit Statistic Canada's Surveys and Statistical Programs by Subject portal.
  • Explore the Canadian Census for data about population, age, sex, dwellings, families, marital status, language, immigration and ethnocultural diversity, aboriginal peoples, education and labour, mobility and migration, language of work, income and housing.
  • Learn about the DLI and RDC programs to find and access Canadian microdata.

Business and Industry

Economy and Finances

First Nations


Housing, Income, and Poverty


Politics, Voting and Opinion Polls



Canadian Portals

Maps and geography

Consider consulting the GISciences Centre for additional help and information. See also GISciences Centre's In-house Data and the geospatial data page for more maps and geospatial data.

Nova Scotia Only

Historical Datasets