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Data and Statistics

a guide to finding data and/or statistics of interest to students and scholars engaged in all kinds of research.

Excel Workshop Material

The material shared here is meant to be used during Excel workshops, but was also designed to be usable for self-teaching.

Easy Excel

Use the main Excel file to learn useful Excel functions about formatting tables, preparing a worksheet for printing, conditional formatting, and filters.

Excel Pivot Tables

Learn to visualize data using Excel's pivot charts and pivot tables. Please note that pivot charts are very version-dependant. Slicers and timelines can only be viewed properly and created in the most recent versions of Excel (2013+). Excel pivot charts are not always available for Excel for the Mac.

Fun with Excel Formulas

Your pigeons have flown away! Learn about entering formulas in Excel, the difference between indirect and absolute addresses, and see an example of the use of the Indirect formula.

Excel Experts and Excel Macros

Learn to remove duplicates, use the vlookup formula, manipulate text, and create macros in a self-teaching Excel file that includes buttons! Please download the main file to your desktop, and make sure to click twice in the yellow ribbon ("enable content", etc.) if necessary.

Easing into Excellent Excel Practices

How can you best set yourself up for success in Excel? The Easing into Excellent Excel Practices folder covers the drawbacks of working with data in Excel; tips and tricks on how to prepare files, spreadsheets, and data for work in Excel; and exceptional Excel learning resources.

Excel in the Wild

Practice useful Excel functions with these exercises where data is retrieved and then formatted in Excel.

Excel and the Census Analyser

Try the first exercise to download data from the Census Analyser, and then follow the instructions and view the Office Mix to nicely format the file in Excel.

Excel and Nova Scotia Open Data

Follow the instructions in the Office Mix to format and analyse the CSV files taken from the Nova Scotia Open Data Portal exercise.