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Business Research Guide

Accounting Research: Introduction

This guide was prepared by the Business subject specialist for the Dalhousie community. These resources have been selected as excellent starting points for academic research in Accounting. For further research assistance, please contact Dr. Joyline Makani

Page Contents:

  1. Core Accounting Journals
  2. Dictionaries/Encyclopedias/Handbooks
  3. Search for Accounting Related articles
  4. Company Annual Reports/ Financial Statements (balance sheets, income statements, etc.)
  5. Ratios/benchmarking data

Dictionaries, Handbooks, and Encyclopedias

Search for Accounting Related articles

To retrieve the best results think about what your key words are before searching the following databases, e.g. accounting AND "financial reporting"

Company Annual Reports/Financial Statements

  • Bloomberg (only accessible from dedicated workstations in the Killam, North Learning Commons and Rowe)

Offers real-time trading data, detailed historical data, customizable market monitors, macro-economic data, news, and much more for stocks, bonds,commodities, and other major markets all in one place.

  • Datastream (only accessible from a dedicated workstation in the Killam, North Learning Commons.)

Provides access to significant historical time series data including equity, index, commodity, currency, bond, futures, options, and economic data. The Excel add-on allows researchers to download data on multiple securities simultaneously. Also provides access to ASSET4 ESG data which includes 500 metrics on more than 4,700 global companies covering environmental, social, and governance factors.

Ratios/Benchmarking Data

Use the following resources to get benchmarking data at the industry level.

Accounting/Consulting News

To read the selected news articles click on View Feed or open Factiva and under News Pages, Factiva Pages open the industry channel of your choice.

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