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Demographic Indicators

Census of Population for various levels of geography, including provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, communities, census tracts and health regions. You can search for an area of interest by typing its 'place name' or by browsing a list, by entering a postal code or a geographic code.

2016 Census Program release schedule

The business resource for online statistics, publications, statistical tables, analysis and more.

  • Provides information on the counts of houses, apartments, farms and businesses. Useful for defining market and sales areas.
Includes value of residential and non-residential construction, & number of types of dwellings.
  • Presents the results of six population projection scenarios by age group and sex up to 2031 for the provinces and territories and up to 2056 for Canada.

Funded by organizations that sponsor the research of the US Census Bureau's International Programs Center, the IDB provides access to a variety of demographic indicators for 224countries and areas of the world. Included are estimates and projections of:
o Birth, death, and growth rates, migration rates, infant mortality, and life expectancy
o Fertility rates
o Total population and population by age and sex
· Population by age and sex from national population censuses
· Marital status by age and sex from national population censuses and surveys
· Contraceptive prevalence data from surveys and service statistics

Demographic characteristics, total population, and social and economic census data for the U.S. and international locations. Useful in determining market size.

Country demographic information at the national level.

  • Find articles and reports on consumer behavior and lifestyle.

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