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Business Research Guide


This guide, prepared by the Business subject specialist for students taking BUSI 6002: New Venture Creation, is designed as a gateway to the research needed to complete course assignments. For further research assistance, please contact Dr. Joyline Makani

Getting Started - Idea Generation

Selected e-books to get you on the way to a successful start-up

Classification Codes

What are Industry Classification codes?

These codes group together similar products or services that companies produce and can be used in many business databases to quickly retrieve articles and data on similar industries and companies, thereby facilitating the easy collection, tabulation, presentation and analysis of financial data and related information.

Canadian Market Research: Statistics and data

The following listed resources provide information and data for the local, provincial, and national business and consumer markets  .

Market Research: International

The following listed resources provide an excellent starting point for conducting both business and consumer market research for the international markets.

Competitive Intelligence

The following listed resources provide information that will help you understand your competitors, including an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats  (SWOT) of your biggest competitors.

Industry Analysis

For your business plan you are required to provide an analysis of your new venture's industry. Below are some of the resources that will help you with profiling your industry.

Ratios/Benchmarking Tools

Use the following resources to find out how your business measures up to others within your industry.


Search the the following resources to identify suppliers etc:

Marketing Plan: Advertising Expenditures, Rates, etc.

Finding Patents

Links to useful resources are included below to help get you started with your search for patents.

Sample Business Plans

Background literature search

Enhance your product knowledge by searching for related articles in the following databases. To retrieve the best results think about what your keywords are before searching, e.g.:

(beverage AND NOT alcohol*) AND sales AND Canada;
(Wireless AND NOT cellular
) AND (Canada OR North America);
publication title (American demographics) AND (cars OR automobiles);

Canad* AND consumer behavior AND (trends OR forecasts)