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Resources for Writing in Architecture

Introduction to Writing in Planning

by Brianna Maxwell, January 2019

The planning program is often focused on teaching students to communicate information verbally and visually, but there is also a strong writing component to many of the courses. This can include report writing, explanatory pieces for non-written work, essays, discipline specific writing (bylaws, planning strategies, etc) and various short written assignments. The purpose of these exercises is to encourage students to learn to write both professionally and for the general public. 

by Brianna Maxwell, January 2019

It is important to understand your audience because this will impact the language chosen to communicate your message. In general, write in active voice to be as clear and engaging as possible. Prioritize clear communication over complex sentence structure.  When writing for the public, be sure to explain any planning terms you use. 

Resources for Writing in Planning

Group Writing

Writing for the General Public