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Writing Centre Online Resource Guide


Weekly Wednesday (Synchronous) Workshops

The Writing Centre’s Weekly Wednesday Workshops are a series of synchronous sessions on a variety of important topics in academic writing. The sessions are led by experienced Writing Centre staff members and are held every Wednesday from 2-3 PM until the end of term. The sessions are free to join, and no pre-registration is required. 

Schedule of Topics TBA

About this Guide

As a university student, you are required to write in many different forms for a variety of audiences. The most common types of writing are academic assignments, such as essays, research papers, and business or lab reports. These assignments are usually rather formal, demanding good reading and academic writing skills. They require you to research a topic and then develop a thesis (a perspective, a point of view), which is backed up with evidence from peer-reviewed resources or primary sources (e.g. a novel). In addition, there are less academic items to write, such as emails to your professors and graduate school or job applications. Each of these types of writing follows specific conventions and demands a range of writing skills.

This guide will help you with all the types of writing you need to do at university.

Everybody Writes

Whether you are an incoming first year student, a PhD candidate, a Professor, or a professional employee, everybody writes.  The following videos explore how various people approach writing and how they overcome the challenges that we all face.