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Prewriting: Introduction

Prewriting is an important part of the writing process. It encompasses all preliminary work done before writing your first draft of an assignment. Sometimes you will work extremely hard on an assignment only to lose points for not fulfilling the assignment requirements. Spending an appropriate amount of time prewriting can ensure you do not have to re-write sections, or your whole assignment, to properly address the assignment details. In this section, we will outline tips/skills for understanding university assignment details. 

Choosing a Topic

It can often be difficult to choose a topic for your paper.  You want to make sure that the topic is broad enough that you can find previous research on the topic.   You also want to ensure that the topic is specific enough that you can form a thesis statement or hypothesis and present relevant evidence.  You also want to consider your interests.  You will be much more successful if you choose a topic that motivates you to want to learn more.

Before You Write: Reading with a Purpose