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Writing in Economics

Economics is a field that is fundamental for understanding challenges within society. Within economics there are social science and science approaches to study. In social science, the primary focus of study is the benefit for society. In science, the primary focus of study is the pursuit of logical conclusions from facts and presented problems. 

Both social science and science-oriented economic studies use theoretical frameworks to inform research methods which measure and analyze how economic choices are made, given limited world resources.

“Writing is as much a part of economics as are models and data sets,” observes Paul Dudenhefer, author of “A Guide to Writing in Economics” (Duke University). His guide underlines the importance of addressing your chosen topic clearly, concisely, precisely and persuasively. Using numerous examples that show how economics writing works, it also offers advice and observations on

·         using writing to help clarify your thoughts and arguments

·         developing a good prose style

·         researching topics in economics

·         making economic arguments

·         the genres of economic writing

·         how to write empirical papers

·         how to write in other genres

·         designing tables, writing about numbers, and describing models and methods

Resources for Writing in Economics