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Data and Statistics

a guide to finding data and/or statistics of interest to students and scholars engaged in all kinds of research.

Data Liberation Initiative (DLI)

The Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) is a subscription plan providing unlimited access to Statistics Canada Public Use Microdata files (PUMFs), databases and geographic files to students and faculty at participating institutions in accordance with their Conditions of Use. Easy access to the DLI files for Dalhousie researchers is provided through the SDA @ CHASS interface.

Exercises and Tutorials

Canadian Census Analyser

The Canadian Census Analyser allows you to quickly extract data from census profiles, from 1961 to 2011, as well as access microdata from the census not available on Statistic Canada's website.


Dalhousie does not subscribe to Odesi, but you can use it to do a variable search for Statistics Canada microdata available in the DLI collection.


SDA allows you to download microdata from Statistics Canada's survey, and also to create online cross-tabs.

Research Data Centres (RDC)

When the DLI does not meet your data needs, you may need to apply to use microdata files inside a Statistics Canada Research Data Centre.