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Posters - Definitions

Health Campaigns – A health campaign is a way to market and create awareness about health issues or concerns. Campaigns can consist of a variety of components including advertising, educational on a topic, and handouts or giveaways.  

Posters - Posters are a way of representing an idea or topic in a visual manner. They often include both text and visual images to convey a specific message. They can be formatted in several ways including a single sheet of varying size or on a poster board.

Why Posters

Effective Posters are...

• Focused
• Graphic
• Ordered

Effective Posters will...

• Help engage conversation
• Let you get your point across to as many people as possible

Posters operate on many levels

• Source of information
• Conversation starter
• Advertisement of your work
• Summary of your work

Poster Creation

We give credit to the University of Maryland’s Project SHARE for the content of this slideshow which can be found here: It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Posters - Problems to avoid

• Words can be hard to read
• Too many words
• Use too many graphics or low quality graphics
• Disorganized layout