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African Nova Scotian Health Resource

Support for Students

For more information about a career in health, contact the Promoting Leadership in Health for African Nova Scotians (PLANS) Program:

PLANS Website


Health Programs and Careers

A nurse taking the pulse of their patient


National Information

Nova Scotia Information

A doctor smiling


National Information

Nova Scotia Information

Dentistry professionals working on a patient


National Information

Nova Scotia Information

Patients and health professionals standing around a pharmacy counter


National Information

Nova Scotia Information

Physiotherapists helping a patient with an arm injury


National Information

Nova Scotia Information


National Information

Nova Scotia Information

Respiratory Therapy

Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists -

Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists -

College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario -


Speech-Language & Audiology

Speech and Hearing Association of Nova Scotia -

Nova Scotia Hearing & Speech Centres -

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada -

Academic Programs for Speech-Language & Audiology Programs in Canada -



Canadian Academy of Audiology -


Speech-Language Pathologists

What Speech-Language Pathologists do -

Halifax Speech & Language Services -

Chatterbugs -


Clinical Vision

Canadian Optometrists in Vision therapy & Rehabilitation -

Canadian Ophthamological Society -

Canadian Universities Offering Programs in Ophthalmology -



Midwifery Regulatory Council of Nova Scotia -



Nova Scotia College of Optometrists -

Nova Scotia College of Dispensing Opticians -

Medical Laboratory Technologists

Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists -


Medical Radiation Technologists

Nova Scotia Association of Medical Radiation Technologists -