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A guide to library resources for medical students and faculty at Dalhousie University in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Getting Started

Usually, before writing your manuscript, you'll need to undertake a literature review. Librarians at the Kellogg Health Sciences Library in Halifax, and at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick can help with this. Please contact a librarian in your subject area, and for the list of health sciences databases at Dalhousie, click here.

Here are some helpful resources to get you started on your literature review:

The following links will help you determine what kind project you're starting, as well as give you information on research ethics at Dalhousie:

Managing Your Research Data

Help with Writing & Citing

Deciding Where to Publish

Determining where to publish:

  • Search a database in your subject area (such as PubMed, Web of Science or CINAHL) to find articles on a similar topic to see which journals are publishing in this area/field.
  • Check with other faculty members in your department
  • Consider if you want to publish in an open access journal (and for more information, check out our open access guide)
  • Check the journal expectations before you submit. 

Here are some other helpful places to look for recommendations on where to publish:

Author Fees, Dalhousie Memberships and Negotiated Discounts

Open Access has provided great benefits to readers by making scholarly content freely available without the barrier of subscription fees. However authors who choose to publish in Gold Open Access journals must anticipate an Author Processing Charge (APC) that is levied by the journal publisher to cover publishing costs. For more information, check out our Open Access libguide.