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Open Access

Information about open access, self-archiving and repositories.

OA journals without APCs

While many popular Open Access journals do require Author/Article Processing Charges (APC), "Diamond" Open Access journals publish work at no cost to the reader OR the authors. You can find Open Access journals that don't charge APCs by searching in the

Author processing costs/fees (APCs) and Dalhousie discounts

Author Fees, Dalhousie Memberships and Negotiated Discounts

Open Access has provided great benefits to readers by making scholarly content freely available without the barrier of subscription fees. However authors who choose to publish in Gold Open Access journals must anticipate an Author Processing Charge (APC) that is levied by the journal publisher to cover publishing costs.

When possible, authors should include these APCs in their grant application if the journal they prefer to publish in is using this model.  CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC all provide grant funds to cover APCs.

Dalhousie does not have an author fund to directly cover the cost associated with Author Processing Charges (APCs)

The following Dalhousie memberships and discounts are currently available. Never assume that a discount will be automatically applied. Always check with the publisher to confirm the discount.


License APC Discount Instructions
American Chemical Society $250 USD flat discount APC discount is applied upon submission of manuscript. Authors must identify their institutional affiliation in order to qualify for the discount.

Biomed Central

15% discount

Discount applies to fully Open Access journal only (hybrid journals are not included) and SpringerOpen titles. Manuscripts submitted from a Dalhousie IP will have the discount automatically applied. Manuscripts submitted using a non-registered IP address should activate the option to select Dalhousie in order to receive the discount.

Cambridge University Press 20% discount on gold or hybrid open access journals APC discount is applied upon submission of manuscript. Authors must identify their institutional affiliation in order to qualify for the discount.
Canadian Science Publishing 50% discount on select titles*

APC discount is applied upon submission of manuscript. Authors must identify their institutional affiliation in order to qualify for the discount

*titles eligible for discount: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism; Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Botany; Canadian Geotechnical Journal; Canadian Journal of Chemistry; Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering; Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences; Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatics Sciences; Canadian Journal of Forest Research; Canadian Journal of Microbiology; Canadian Journal of Physics; Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology; Canadian Journal of Research; Canadian Journal of Zoology; Environmental Reviews, Genome; Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering

Elsevier Science Direct 20% Discount The discount is offered to Corresponding Authors from Dalhousie University. Using the journals' normal workflow, the Corresponding Author must specify their affiliation. Based on this data, the Publisher will provide the Corresponding Author with the relevant publishing options. If accepted for publication in an Eligible Journal, Corresponding Authors may publish an article open access subject to a discount on the article publishing charge (“APC”) of 20% (twenty percent) based on the then current list price set forth at Applies to articles submitted between period beginning 1 January 2021 until and including 31 December 2023.
Open Library of the Humanities (OLH) no APC for Dalhousie affiliates  
SAGE 40% to 100% discount depending on the journal

Dalhousie authors may now publish their articles as open access with no Article Processing Charge (APC) in most of over 900 SAGE Choice journals (a few journals are excluded from SAGE Choice and are listed here).

In addition, authors receive 40% discount on APCs in SAGE’s gold open access journals.  (see the title list of participating gold journals.) 

Processing of the APC waiver for SAGE Choice journals and the discount for gold open access journals is done automatically via the SAGE Open Access Portal (SOAP) when authors identify themselves as affiliated with Dalhousie University. SOAP is a dashboard for authors to submit their article, select a copyright license, assign a bill payer (if applicable), and view article status. A Creative Commons license (CC-BY) will be applied to open access publications unless a different license is requested by the author.

Taylor & Francis 25% discount in T&F Open Select journals To take advantage of the discount on T&F Open Select journals, an author can submit an article and choose the open access publishing option. When the APC is generated, authors can select their institution from the drop-down menu, and the discount will be automatically applied. The author can select a Creative Commons license to sign once they accept the quote.