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Skills to Develop

Working as a health professional requires a lot of skills and knowledge beyond learning about biology, anatomy, pharmacology, etc. Explore the associated pages to learn more about the following valuable skills.

- Learning to leave a lasting and persuasive impression through a powerful presentation is an important skill to have whether its presenting at a health conference, or meeting with your boss about a great idea you have. Learn to use Microsoft PowerPoint to its full potential and avoid common mistakes on this page.

- Speaking in front of an audience is a nerve-rattling experience, but did you know that your audience is rooting for you to succeed? View this page for more tips on reducing anxiety, behaviours of effective public speakers, and challenge yourself by developing a punchy Elevator Speech.

- Learning to study smarter, not harder. This invaluable skill will benefit you for the rest of your life including outside the walls of a classroom. Follow the tips on this page to learn how to study more effectively and easily and find a quiet space to study in as well!

- Writing clearly is an invaluable skill to have. This useful skill becomes critical when someone's health is on the line. Learn how to write clearly, persuasively, and learn how to provide correct citations that show you know what you're talking about.