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Computer Science Research Guide

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" --Einstein

Graduate Research


Indexing & Abstracts

Research Analytics

Write a Summary

Keep your research on track by taking the time to summarize the papers as you read them.

Note if you are using your own words or the exact words from a specific paper.

  • What were the researchers studying and how does this relate to your topic?
  • How did the researchers conduct their study? (describe the methodology, number of participants, type of participants, how long the study took, etc.)
  • What were their results? (these may be the main results or how their results relate to your research topic)
  • If recommendations wre made at the end of their study, what were they?
  • Can you use their recommendations or suggestions for further study, to refine your own research topic?

ISI Impact Factors

Impact Factors are caculated annually, the most recent values are for 2013: