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Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Technology

This guide provides resources in Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Technology.

Get it Right!

What is plagiarism?

Dalhousie University defines plagiarism as "the submission or presentation of the work of another as if it were one's own."

Why does it matter?

You must give credit for other people's work and ideas, to not do so is considered cheating.  Penalties for plagiarism include failing grades, suspension, or expulsion.

How to avoid plagiarizing.

Learn how to properly cite your research using the resources on this page.

Citation Management

There are many products available to help you manage references such as Zotero, EndNote and Mendeley. The Citation Management Guide can help familiarize you with some of these tools. 

Note: Dalhousie University Libraries' subscription to RefWorks will end in April 2020. We recommend that you use one of the other citation managers described the Citation Management Guide

If you wish to purchase a personal subscription to RefWorks, go to the publisher's product page for contact information.

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