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Health Statistics

A source for research and instructions for finding and using health statistics.

Engage Nova Scotia Quality of Life Dataset

The Engage Nova Scotia Quality of Life Survey dataset collected in 2019 is now available to researchers. Have a look at the information sheet to learn more about the dataset and how to apply for access.

Health Regions and District Health Authority Websites

On April 1, 2015, all of Nova Scotia's regional health authorities combined to form the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Many of the websites for the former individual authorities have since been retired as of 2017.


Registries can be a great source of information. They usually produce annual statistics but are also often willing to answer specific questions from members of the public if they have data available:

Searching for statistics in the library catalog

Some subject headings to search in the library catalog:

  • Health Surveys--Nova Scotia
  • Health Status Indicators--Nova Scotia--statistics
  • Public health--Nova Scotia--statistics
  • Vital statistics--Nova Scotia
  • Mortality--Nova Scotia
  • Morbidity--Nova Scotia

Also look under a specific topic or disease with subheadings Nova Scotia and/or statistics. It may also be useful to search using a broader geographic area eg Health surveys--Canada, resources found this way will generally provide provincial comparisons. 

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