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A guide to the music resources available in the Killam Memorial Library.

Browse scores

Dalhousie Libraries classifies scores and sound recordings using a slightly modified version of the Library of Congress Classification. Students and faculty can use this guide to browse scores and sound recordings. Books are classified according to the standard Library of Congress Classification and can be browsed according to the official classification outline for music (see ML and MT “sub-classes”).

Search for scores in Novanet

  1. Try a keyword search in Novanet, such as: brahms music.
  2. Use the Resource Type filter to narrow your search results to scores.
  3. Click on an item to see more information.
  4. To find score in the Killam Memorial Library, take note of the Location, Status, and Call Number.
  5. Click on the white X on the left side to return to search results.

Browse by call number

Call number Description
M5 Miniature study scores
M10 Mixed orchestral and vocal
M15 - M23 Opera and concert arias, Vocal, Songs and leider, Song collections
M30 Organ
M35 Piano and other keyboard instruments
M40 Violin
M45 Viola
M50 Cello
M55 Double bass
M60 Flute and piccolo
M63 Recorder
M65 Oboe
M70 Clarinet
M75 Bassoon
M78 Saxophone
M80 Horn
M85 Trumpet
M90 Trombone
M95 Tuba
M115 Harp
M125 Guitar, lute, and other plucked string instruments
M145 Percussion
M150 Medieval and Renaissance music
M200 Bowed string groups
M300 String and wind groups
M400 Wind goups
M405 Chamber music
M500 Orchestral music
M1000 Band music
M1100 Jazz and Blues
M1300 Country and Western
M1400 Popular music
M1500 Rock music
M1600 World and Folk music
M1700 Electronic, experimental, improvisational music
M1800 Musique concrete
M1900 School music tutors
M2200 Lectures on music

Browse by subject