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Citation Style Guide

This guide was created to provide basic instruction on commonly-used citation styles across the faculties of Dalhousie University.


The Chicago Manual of Style was released by the Chicago University Press in 1906.  The 200-page first edition was originally intended to serve as a style guide for the proofreaders and composers in the printing room.  Since its humble beginnings, the manual has grown into a book of 1000 pages with over 2000 hyperlinked pages online.  

The Chicago Citation Style is used primarily by the humanities and is recognizable because of its use of footnotes or endnotes and Bibliography page. 



Papers using the Chicago style of citation must include a comprehensive list of references, called a Bibliography, at the end.   The format of the references in the bibliography is slightly different from that used in the notes.  


Online guides

Video tutorials

Video guide on making superscripts and footnotes

This short (1:15) video goes through the steps for creating a footnote or endnote in Microsoft Word 2013.  There is no sound, so don't worry about double checking your speakers!  You can watch the video directly here, or click the link below to watch the video in another screen.