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Digital Humanities

This Digital Humanities LibGuide is an introductory resource and collection of periodicals, reference sources, key articles, projects, initiatives, tools, primary sources, and datasets that are useful for the study and practice of Digital Humanities


General Tutorials

  • CUNY Guide to Digital Humanities
    • The CUNY Guide is a collaboratively written wiki that focuses on the introducing students to Digital Humanities projects and resources. It focuses on generating new introductory content as well as allowing for communication between colleagues, instructors, and students regarding materials, methods, and lessons. The resource guide has a variety of introductory material for the digital humanities, while the wiki has a large archive of discussions regarding the usage of technology in the classroom.

  • Digital Humanities Resources for Project Building

    • An online archive of guides, tools, suggested reading, and examples of technology available to the Digital Humanities. The "Tutorials" section covers a wide range of resources for the beginner to expert user, providing both introductory tutorials as well as tutorials covering specific uses of a variety of programs. The "Examples" section includes projects recently completed in the field of digital humanities that is meant to showcase specific skills, programs, and research. There is also a list of easily accessible text collections, meant for use in demonstrations or tutorials that are available either by links or through downloads. This resource is recommended for both beginner and advanced learns in the digital humanities.

  • The Programming Historian
    • The Programming Historian (ISSN 2397-2068) is an online open-access archive of tutorials that focus on a variety of digital techniques to assist in Humanities research. They have a wide variety of resources available, including lessons on APIs, GIS, Data Management, and Data Manipulation. The lessons do not assume a knowledge of digital resources and technologies and are meant to be a stepping stone towards using other programming tutorials. It is constantly being added and updated.

  • UCLA Center for Digital Humanities

    • An online resource based on the Introduction to Digital Humanities course at University of California, Los Angeles that is meant to provide introductory materials useful to students beginning coursework in Digital Humanities. No background knowledge of technology is expected from students, allowing for a user-friendly, self-driven learning experience. The syllabus and lesson plans are provided online, as well as useful in-class exercises. There is a "Tutorials" sections that provides in-depth exercises on data visualization, text analysis, and programming. There is also a "Student Projects" section that showcases individual learners' progress from coursework.

  • Digital Humanities Tools for Beginners 
  • Miriam Posner, "How Did They Make That?" (2013) 
  • Lisa Spiro, Getting Started in Digital Humanities (2011)


Programming Tutorials


Teaching Resources

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