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Canadian Literature

A guide to Canadian Literature


Databases are online collections of material from scholarly journals, newspapers, and other sources. Some databases are subject-specific, and are best used when searching for information in that subject area. Others are multidisciplinary, and can be used to search for many different types of information. When researching, you should try both types. When you are researching Canadian Literature, you will find that many useful databases are the same as those you would use for researching any other type of literature.

This Database Tip Sheet will give you a few pointers to get started.

Canadian databases

Literary and multidiscipinary databases

Search Novanet for articles

You can also search Novanet for articles! Enter your keywords into the search bar and then filter by "Resource Type - Articles." These results will be much more wide-ranging than what you will find with database searching, so you may find you get more results but those are less relevant unless your search is complex and specific.