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SUST 1000 / SUST 1001

This guide provides information resources for students of SUST 1000 and SUST 1001: Introduction to Environment, Sustainability, and Society.

Government of Canada Publications

  • Government of Canada Online Publications Catalogue - The Depository Services Program (DSP) provides access to most federal government publications dating back to 1991. Up until March 2014, the catalogue included both print and portable (downloadable) electronic publications. Documents published since March 2014, are only available in downloadable electronic format.
  • Government of Canada print publications in the Dalhousie Libraries can be found in the Novanet Catalogue. Documents produced prior to 1998 were normally classified according to provenance and received a call number beginning with 2 FG (FG standing for Federal Government). Thus, most print Government of Canada publications are shelved according to the agency or department that produced them. Since that time, many documents have received call numbers that reflect their subject content and will be found shelved with the materials in the main library collections by subject.
  • Government of Canada Web Archive - (2005-2007 and 2013-). The web archive contains information that sits outside of the traditional Government of Canada Publications program and can include everything from communications and marketing materials to departmental policies, procedure and guidelines. Essentially everything that has been made publicly available on Government of Canada websites. The University of Toronto has created an archive that covers the 2007-2013 gap in the official archive. See