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Nova Scotia municipal information

Nova Scotia Municipal Government Web Archive

Archived since: Jun, 2016

Description: This collection contains the websites of the regional municipalities, districts, towns and counties that are responsible for local government in the province of Nova Scotia. Municipal governments in Canada provide citizens with libraries, parks, water systems, local policing, fire departments and roadways. They are also responsible for levying property taxes and enacting land-use bylaws. These responsibilities are all reflected in the content made available on their websites. Municipalities operate under the authority of the provincial government. Since the mid-1990s, the Province of Nova Scotia has been providing financial incentives to encourage municipalities to amalgamate into larger units. As a result many municipalities in Nova Scotia are disappearing as distinct entities. This web archive is an attempt to preserve any web accessible municipal information that is at risk of being permanently lost.

The collection does not currently contain an archived version of the Halifax Regional Municipality website.