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INFO 6100 / ENVI 6100 / PUAD 6150: The Role of Information in Public Policy and Decision Making

Course Guide

Searching Databases

What is a Database?

Great question!

A database compiles important relevant journals in a field. This is a good way to find relevant scholarly articles. For this course guide, we've gathered relevant databases and listed them here! Some are multidisciplinary, science-specific, or related to world news/politics. Not all articles are available in full, but Dalhousie pays a subscription to many journals included in these databases.

Hover over them to see a short description. 

If it seems interesting, click it! The database will pop-out in a new window. 
Enter key words and play with the filters and advanced search options. Databases can look quite different from one another. Try some Boolean operators. If you don't know what that means, check out the resources up above (it's more straight-forward than it sounds!)