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INFO 6100 / ENVI 6100 / PUAD 6150: The Role of Information in Public Policy and Decision Making

Course Guide


This guide was created for students enrolled in The Role of Information in Public Policy and Decision Making: INFO 6100 / ENVI 6100 / PUAD 6150. The course examines the role of information in policy decisions at local, national, and international levels, with a particular focus on the interface between research and policy decisions. The resources in this guide are intended to help students meet the following course goals:


  1. Introduce the concept and practices of evidence-based policy and decision-making
  2. Identify current-day practices in the production (types and format) and communication of research-based information
  3. Outline and describe activities at the science-policy interface, particularly regarding information pathways
  4. Introduce and describe methods of assessing the complex phenomenon of the use and influence of research-based information and publications
  5. Identify and assess knowledge management practices applicable to policy and decision making contexts
  6. Identify and assess best practices for promoting use of research-based evidence in policy and decision-making processes.

Acknowledgements: This guide was originally created by Kristy Hancock, Jay Jacobson, Laura Little, and Sandeep Mettu. It is maintained by Lindsay McNiff, SIM librarian.

Assignment Help

Students in this course will be evaluated on the following:

  • participation
  • a seminar paper (teamwork)
  • a review of a policy document
  • a briefing memo or letter to newspaper (or other media)
  • a 4,500 word essay. You can find help with all of these assignments under the Assignment Help tab.

Citation Help

Other subject's libguides are great resources, as this course is highly multidisciplinary in nature. Consider, for example, the added richness and complexity of policy through an Indigenous lens.  

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