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A guide to English resources


Databases are online collections of material from scholarly journals, newspapers, and other sources. Some databases are subject-specific, and are best used when searching for information in that subject area. Others are multidisciplinary, and can be used to search for many different types of information. When researching, you should try both types. This Database Tip Sheet will give you a few pointers to get started.

English literature databases:

Multidisciplinary databases:

How to search databases with Boolean operators (and zombies)

Lego figurine of zombie office worker - Public domain from Boolean search expressions are magical formulas compatible with most databases in which keywords are combined with Boolean operators to create super effective searches.

Zombies are terrifying former humans that want to eat your brain and/or transform you into a zombie (their exact motivations are unclear).

ZomBool is a 'choose-your-own-path' video game created by a Dal librarian to help you learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse (maybe) with the help of search strategies and Boolean operators (PC or Mac).