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A guide to Theatre Studies.


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Reference Shelf

What is Reference?

Reference materials include dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, critical surveys, and other sources that can provide an introduction or clarification of basic ideas. 

Online References


OED Online: a historical dictionary tracing the English language over 1000 years. Use to discover historic definitions traced through quotations from sources like classical literature and film scripts.

Search Oxford English Dictionary





Credo Reference: hosts 550 reference titles including Shakespeare's Theatre: A Dictionary of His Stage Context.

Use the search box below to do a general search, or the links above to search in a specific source.








Databases and Indexes

The databases listed here are largely full-text journal sites.  Some are indexes that search for and list references but do not contain a pdf of the article.  Use the Get It At Dal button to see if the article is held by another database at Dalhousie, if it is available in print, or you can order a copy through Document Delivery. 

Some platforms, such as EBSCO, host multiple databases.  It is possible to search in several databases at once by clicking on Choose Databases (top right) on the EBSCO interface.

Databases such as the International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance and Digital Theatre Plus are subject specific, while others such as Academic Search Premier are broad and can contain references from thousands of journals spanning many disciplines.  Databases also contain references to books and videos, have dictonary definitions, and contain historical full texts of plays or literature.  See Finding Plays and Reference Shelf for more of these resources.


A reference librarian can assist with search strategies . Contact your Theatre Librarian Karen Smith for assistance.

Key Journals

Key Journals

Journals are scholarly peer-reviewed publishing.  The links below go to a particular database; older and newer issues may be available in paper or through a different database.  Use Novanet to search for these other versions.  Recent paper issues and older bound issues will be on the shelves in the PN section on the third floor of the Killam Library.

Theatre Journal

Features social and historical studies, production reviews, and theory and analysis.

PN 3171 E25 Killam


PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

Reviews, artists' writings, interviews, essays, historical documentation, reports on international performances, book reviews, and performance texts and plays.

PN 1560 P4 Killam

Canadian Theatre Review

Critical analysis and innovative coverage of Canadian theatre.  Emphasis on thematic issues, historically marginalized communities, and promoting new voices.  Each issue contains a full playscript, articles, and reviews.

PN 2009 C3 Killam

Theatre Research in Canada/ Les Recherches théâtrales au Canada

Explores theatre in Canada from historical and theoretical perspectives.  Publient des articles qui explorent les dimensions théoriques et/ou historiques du théâtre au Canada. Previously known as Theatre History in Canada

PN 2101 T45 Killam


Modern Drama

Formal and historical consideration of dramatic literature of the past two centuries.

PN 1861 M68 Killam

TDR: The Drama Review

Performance within social, economic, and political contexts; avant-garde, experimental, intercultural, and interdisciplinary practices.  Includes articles, theory, interviews, texts of performance works, and translations of new and archival writings.

PN 1601 T91 Killam

Comparative Drama

Scholarly journal devoted to interdisciplinary and international studies.

PN 1601 C6 Killam




eJournal dedicated to the study of all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman performance.


Theatre Reviews

The Guardian Unlimited

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Variety Theatre Reviews

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Thematic Research



Online Resources


Canadian Monologues and Scenes



Gateways (for further links)



Libraries & Archives


Canadian Organizations


Resources for Playwrights

Spanish/Latin American

Finding Plays

Latino Literature

Database holding over 450 plays in English and Spanish


Internet Resources

Theatre Design/Scenography

eBooks & Books in the Killam

Theatre History


Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Theatre Companies

Drama on Film or Audio

Audio Plays

Arkangel Complete Shakespeare on CD. [ 36 CDs] Recordings based on the Complete Pelican Shakespeare. Inserts contain summaries of each scene. Available in Special Collections, 5th floor Killam Library. Call #: PR 2754 A74 2003 Media

British and UK



Finding Plays

Search Novanet for subject headings

English drama

Irish drama - 20th century

Scottish drama

or by author name

Shakespeare, William


Theatre 1000

Library Research

The Library collects print and digital material to support student research. Library resources are organized according to standard classifications and listings that are intended to ease the process of finding information. Everything the library owns is included in the Novanet Catalogue, our online database. Printed resources and other physical objects (ie, videos, CDs, DVDs) are assigned "call numbers," alpha-numeric codes that do two things: place the item next to others on the same or similar topics, and provide a physical marker for the item's location on the library's shelves.  Digital materials, such as databases, e-Books, and e-Journals, are included in Novanet and also listed on our web pages.

Library research has always been a two-step process: identify the items you need, then determine if the library owns them. Databases are useful for identifying material because they attempt to cover the known universe of available information on a given topic. Novanet brings this down to the local level by letting you know if we own it.

Finding Plays


Classical Plays

Classical plays, such as those written by Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripedes, are shelved in the classics section from PA 3500 to PA 4800.

Contemporary Plays

International Plays

Complete a Subject keyword search in Novanet for Theater (**note American spelling) and the country of study.  


A title search for monologue in Novanet will bring up contemporary and classical monologue collections for women and men, and often described by length.