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Psychology & Neuroscience

A guide to information resources in psychology and neuroscience.

Key databases for Psychology & Neuroscience

How to Use Databases

These libcasts have an audio component, so enable sound on your computer and/or use your earphones to hear the content while you watch.

How to search databases with Boolean operators (and zombies)

Lego figurine of zombie office worker - Public domain from Boolean search expressions are magical formulas compatible with most databases in which keywords are combined with Boolean operators to create super effective searches.

Zombies are terrifying former humans that want to eat your brain and/or transform you into a zombie (their exact motivations are unclear).

ZomBool is a 'choose-your-own-path' video game created by a Dal librarian to help you learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse (maybe) with the help of search strategies and Boolean operators (PC or Mac).

Document Delivery

If the journal article that you need is not available through the Novanet libraries, you may wish to order the article through the Dalhousie Document Delivery service. This service is free of charge to Dalhousie students and faculty.