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But It's NOT at Dal! ... Document Delivery

The book/journal you need isn't at Dalhousie - what to do?

First - is it in Novanet?

Materials listed in Novanet may be requested clicking the "More Options" tab and then choosing "Document Delivery" from the list of services".

Clicking on the "Locations & Availability" tab will provide a list of locations from which you can request delivery of a either a loan of an entire book or a photocopy of chapter or section of the item. You will be asked to login using the barcode on the front of your Dalhousie/King's ID card and the last 4 digits of your phone number registered at Circulation. You then follow the steps provided.

Choosing the "Document Delivery" option from the list by clicking the "Go" button will take you to the CAUL Document Delivery request form. The same login is required. The form will be automatically filled in with the information of the item you want but please check that the information is complete, add a "need by date" and any notes, click on the box next to the copyright statement and submit the request.

Novanet Express requested items (Holds and Photocopy Requests) are guaranteed delivery within 3 business days.
You will be notified by email when your requested material arrives. All requested items are to be picked up at the Circulation desk.

Document Delivery requests filled by any Atlantic Canadian university library will also normally arrive within 3 business days. If the material is not
locally available delivery times will vary. You will be notified by email when books arrive, pick up is available from the Dalhousie library of your choice.
King's students must pick up books at the King's library. Articles will be delivered by e-mail link to your registered Dalhousie/King's email address.

It's not in Novanet, now what?

Use the following link to the CAUL Document Delivery Request form. The same Document Delivery login and services as described above apply. Select the appropriate "Loan/Book" or "Copy/Article" option. Fill in the form and submit the request.

Document Delivery Services and Request Form

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