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Resources for Physics


In North America, our science is dominating by the history of the Western world. However, other cultures and civilizations had developed mathematics, astronomy and natural sciences before Europe. 

To research non-Western science, you will need to read some general history of science materials to help focus your topic. The University of King's College, has a program in History of Science (HOST) and their library has some of the materials in the selected works list below. Dalhousie students may borrow materials from the King's Library.

A word about Library of Congress Subject Headings - these are the classifications of books in the Novanet catalogue. If you find one book on a particular topic, you can use the subject headings from that book to find more items on the same topic. In the example below, the subject headings are Science, Medieval - Philosophy; Judaism and science; Jewish Science; Judaism - History - Medieval and early modern period, 425-1789; Science - Arab countries - History. Clicking on these headings in the catalogue generates a list of items with that subject heading.
Also, books are grouped together on the shelves by subject, so don't forget to look around the shelves a bit when you go to the stacks.


Selected titles from Novanet

Suggested literature databases