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Information Management (MIM) Research & Writing Guide

This is a research and writing guide development for MIM students. Please contact your librarian, Lindsay McNiff, for help with research; Contact Dr. Margie Clow Bohan, the director of the Writing Centre, for remote assistance with writing.

Intro to Dal Libraries' catalogue & databases

This is a 20-minute introductory video meant for incoming MIM and MLIS students. The video replaces an in-person session that I have offered in the past to MLIS students. The purpose of the video is to introduce you to the library catalogue and how to search a database. It can be skipped through using the table of contents feature; however, it does contain 3 quiz points and you will have to answer the quiz questions in order to proceed. Probably best to watch in fullscreen. 

Core academic skills for students

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Students! Not sure where to start? Looking to get a handle on some core skills that will help you with research? Look no further!

Visit our Core skills for resources on how to research like a pro!