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Research Data Management

This guide provides an overview of Research Data Management services and resources at Dalhousie University.

Why create a data management plan?

How to avoid a data management nightmare, by Karen Hanson, Kevin Read & Alisa Surkis, New York University Health Sciences Library. Creative Commons Licence CC-BY (Attribution, reuse allowed)

This 4:40 minute video case study walks through what can go wrong without a plan and standards.

Why do you need a data management plan?

  • To ensure that your data will be accessible and usable in the future - by you and by others.
  • Create and maintain a permanent archive of the data that supports your research findings.
  • To meet publisher and/or funding agency requirements for data availability.

What is in a data management plan?

  • Description of the types of data that will be collected or produced (eg. survey results, lab tests, samples, physical objects, manuscripts, computer log files.
  • Plan for collectingstoring (short & long-term) your data, and backup copies.
  • Standards you will use for your data collection and how you will describe your data (metadata). For example, if you have a team doing field measurements, your data plan will include methods for how your team will record the same measurements. See "How to avoid a data management nightmare" video for an example of how this can go wrong.
  • Policies for sharing, accessing, and re-using your data, including provisions for privacy, confidentiality, security, intellectual property, or other rights or requirements.
  • Methods for archiving and preserving your data.

How Dal Libraries can help you

The Dal Libraries can help you create your data management plan, store your working and completed data in preservation formats, describe your data (metadata), and find a suitable repository either in your discipline or at Dalhousie. 

Our services are developing as this area evolves. See the Data Management at Dalhousie page for details.

Video: Why Data Management Matters

Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts by Karen Hanson, Alisa Surkis & Karen Yacobucci
New York University Health Sciences Libraries
Creative Commons Licence:CC-BY (Attribution, reuse allowed) This 4:40min video provides a light-hearted look at impediments to data-sharing, and why data-sharing matters.