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Nutrition - Questions to Consider

  • Can you read and compare similar food products by using their food labels?
  • Do you understand common kitchen terms?
  • What would you include in a weekly meal plan? Consider your cooking skill level, your dietary needs, finances, time constraints, and any seasonal ingredients.
  • Where can you find recipes that work for you?

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Reading Food Labels

Key Nutritional Information

Pay extra attention to these areas.

  • Serving size. Some labels only give nutritional information for a portion of the total product. Compare the serving size to the product's total contents for a more accurate assessment.
  • Daily Values. This is useful when trying to create a complete and balanced diet.
  • Sugars Added. This new addition to nutritional labels informs consumers of how much sugar was added during the manufacturing process


Meal Planning


Image listing benefits of cooking with friends and family



Do you want a collection of tried and true recipes to keep handy? 

Ask your friends and family to share some of their favourites!

Have fun exploring food by planning a potluck! Ask attendees to bring along a copy of their recipes along with their dish!

Recipe Websites


The following slideshow showcases some recipe books that are available through some Nova Scotia Public Libraries