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Love Data Week 2023


Welcome to Love Data Week 2023!

This year's theme is "Data: Agent of Change"

February 13 - 17 2023, #LoveData23


The theme this year is Data: Agent of Change. Love Data Week is about inspiring your community to use data to bring about changes that matter. Policy change, environmental change, social change... we can move mountains with the right data guiding our decisions. This year, we are focused on helping new and seasoned data users find data training and other resources that can help move the needle on the issues they care about.


This guide contains a schedule of events for the week, and relevant resources to supplement what you are learning about data!

Love Data Week Save the Date, February 13-17th, 2023

Before Love Data Week kicks off, February 11th is the 8th annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science!


Event Schedule and Registration Links


February 13


February 14


February 15


February 16


February 17

Event: Data Management Planning: The Basics of Writing a Plan with the DMP Assistant

Speaker(s): Louise Gillis, Dalhousie University

Time: 1-2 pm (Atlantic time)

Location: Online (Teams)

Event: Going Beyond PUMFs with the ARDC: what does it take to access the rich collection of Canadian microdata held by RDCs?

Speaker(s): Theresa Kim, Atlantic Research Data Centre

Time: 1-1:45 pm (Atlantic time)

Location: Online (Teams)

Event: Indigenous Data Management

Speaker(s): Stacy Allison-Cassin, Dalhousie University

Time: 1-2 pm (Atlantic time)

Location: Online (Zoom; hosted by the Council of Atlantic Academic Libraries)

Event: S'équiper pour exceller dans Excel : comment se préparer avant même de s'y mettre?

Speaker(s): Julie Marcoux, Dalhousie University

Time: 11-12 heure (heure atlantique)

Location: En ligne (Teams)

Event: Equipping Yourself for Excellent Excel Practices: what to do and consider before you even get started

Speaker(s): Julie Marcoux, Dalhousie University

Time: 11 am to 12 pm (Atlantic time)

Location: Online (Teams)

Event: Telling Data Stories: Infographics and data visualization

Speaker(s): Elizabeth Stregger, Mount Allison University

Time: 3-4 pm (Atlantic time)

Location: Online (Teams)


Event: CANCELLED. Geospatial Data in a Changing World. Everything happens somewhere

Speaker(s): James Boxall, Dalhousie University



International Events

Many other exciting events about data are occuring internationally this week! Find Love Data Week's official up-to-date schedule here.