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a guide for study and scholarship at Dalhousie.

Key Databases and Journals

Reference Works

Reference materials may include dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, indices, almanacs, and other similar materials. 

JJ Stewart Reference Room (main floor Killam Library) 

Reference materials in the JJ Stewart Reference Room are for in-library use only.

This is only a selection of materials on Ancient History in the Killam Reference Collection. Please visit the JJ Stewart Reference Room and explore sections DA to DG to see the full collection.

Medieval England: An Encyclopedia REF DA 129 M43 1998
Medieval France: An Encyclopedia - also available as online reference work REF DC 33.2 M44 1995
Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia (2 vol) - also available as online reference work REF DG 443 M43 2004 v.1-2
Encyclopedia of the Byzantine Empire REF DF 504.4 L38 2004
Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (3 vol) REF DF 521 O93 1991 v. 1-3
Historical Atlas of the Viking World REF DL 65 K67 2002
Women in the Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia REF HQ 1143 W643 2004
Medieval Islamic Civilization REF PS 36.85 M434 2006


Killam Collection 

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Medieval Civilization CB 353 G7 1980
Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient and Medieval HIstory D 59 L33
Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia  HQ 1147 E85 S33 2006
Larousse Encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval Art N 5334 H98


Online Reference Works 

Primary Sources