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a guide for study and scholarship at Dalhousie.

Key Databases and Journals

Reference Works

Reference materials may include dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, indices, almanacs, and other similar resources.

JJ Stewart Reference Room (main floor Killam Library)

Reference materials in the JJ Stewart Reference Room are for in-library use only.

Encyclopedia of Mexico (2 vol) REF F 1210 E63 
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures (3 vol) REF F 1218.6 O95 2001 
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures (3 vol) REF F 1406 E515 
Latin American History and Culture (6 vol) REF F 1406 E53 2008
The Cambridge History of Latin America (10 vol) REF F 1410 C1834 1984 
Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics REF F 1410 E56 2002 
An Atlas and Survey of Latin American History REF G 1541 S1 L3 2007
Historical Atlas of Central America REF ATLAS G1551 S1 H2 2002
Statistical Abstract for Latin America and the Caribbean REF HA 755 A68 


Killam Collection

The Oxford History of Mexico F 1226 O94 2000
Historical Dictionary of United States-Latin American Relations F 1418 S638 2007
This History of Argentina F 2831 L69 2001
Brazil: Oxfam Country Profile F 2508 R55 2000


Online Reference Works

Primary Sources