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Citation Management

This Subject Guide is designed to help your research by getting the most use out of citation managers

Migrating Content From RefWorks

Dalhousie Libraries' subscription to RefWorks will end in April 2020. You may choose to move your references out of RefWorks and import them into another bibliographic manager. This section will help you to do so.

General Tips:

  • If you need to maintain the folder structure from your RefWorks account, export the contents of each folder individually. (This may create duplicates in your new account.) Save each export with the name of the folder for easy identification.
  • PDFs and other attachments will not be exported. You must save those files and import them into your new account. Mendeley and Zotero will allow you to drag PDFs into your account, and will create references based on metadata attached to the PDF. Always check these to make sure the created reference is correct.

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