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Dal Reads: Butter Honey Pig Bread (2021/22)

About Dal Reads

Dal Reads is designed to encourage people in the Dalhousie community to share their love of books. Launched in 2009, the program brings the Dalhousie community together through the shared experience of reading the same book and taking part in programming related to the book.

Programming may include author readings, book club-type discussions, film viewings, and other events and opportunities to celebrate a shared love of reading. In addition, Faculty members may choose to include the Dal Reads book in their course curriculum.

In 2015, the Dal Reads Steering Committee decided to focus on first-year undergraduate students. By selecting this group of students, Dal Reads aims to provide a common intellectual experience that will serve as both an introduction to Dalhousie University and to post-secondary academic life in general. We hope that this format will encourage lots of discussion and the development of exciting new and innovative programming.

For more information about Dal Reads, contact