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Schulich Law Scholars Digital Commons

Schulich Law Scholars is an open access institutional repository for gathering, indexing, storing, and making widely available the scholarly output of the Schulich Law community at Dalhousie University.

Basic search

The search feature is located near the top-left corner of Schulich Law Scholars. From here, you can perform a keyword search of the entire repository, or click on "Advanced Search" to access more search features.

You will notice that there is a drop-down menu underneath the search bar with the options "in this repository" and "across all repositories". Schulich Law Scholars is part of a larger network of repositories called Digital Commons, all of which can be searched by selecting "across all repositories".

Choose "in this repository" to limit your search to items produced by members of the Schulich Law community.

A screenshot of the search feature on Schulich Law Scholars

Advanced search

To perform a targeted search of the repository, click on the "Advanced Search" link underneath the main search bar.

Use the advanced search options to narrow your search results to works produced by a specific author, within a specified date range, or by subject, among others.

A screenshot of the advanced search bar on Schulich Law Scholars.