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Citation Management

This Subject Guide is designed to help your research by getting the most use out of citation managers

Install Plugin

To create citations or a bibliography, follow these steps:

1. Download the Mendeley Desktop Application and the plugin for your word processor.

2. Open the Mendeley Desktop application, click on Tools, and click on the plugin for your word processor.

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For the Windows version of Word, the plugin is found under the Reference tab as shown below.

The citation plugin for the Mac version of Word is a toolbar.

If you remove it, bring it back using the View menu and selecting Mendeley  from the Toolbar list.

This toolbar will appear as a separate panel for you to position where you like.

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Insert Citations

1. Position cursor where you want to insert your citation.

2. Depending on your OS, click the following:

  • Mac: "Insert Citation" Toolbar
  • Windows: "Insert Citation" button under References

3. The Mendeley Citation Editor popup will appear. Search for the correct reference in the search bar, as shown in the image below.

4. Press OK to enter the citation.

Create Bibliography

After putting in all your citations, use the Citation Plugin to create your bibliography.

Click on the "Insert Bibliography" button as shown below.

(Image Source:

Change citation style using the 'Style' button.

For Mac, find the button that looks like the image below.

For Windows, the button is outlined in red in the image below.


If you have more questions, refer to Mendeley's official Citation Plugin Guide.