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UNIWeb @ Dalhousie

Terms of Use


The personal information you provide when using the UNIWeb application will be collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) and with the Dalhousie Privacy Statement.

The personal information you enter into the application may be used by the University in connection with your employment at the University and for reporting and statistical purposes.

The personal information you provide as part of your public profile (excluding information contained in your curriculum vitae) may be made available publically on the University’s website.

The information you provide in your CV may be used to derive academic metrics for Dalhousie University as well as for your academic unit.  Also, upon your consent the information in your CV will be transmitted to the Canadian Common CV website and will subsequently be subject to the privacy policies of the CCV website.

The software provider (Proximify Inc) is contractually obligated to ensure the privacy of your data. Only university administrators and technical personnel will have access to your academic CV information.

For questions about the collection, use or disclosure of the information you have provided in UNIWeb contact the Dalhousie UNIweb coordinator (email address to be set up)

For general queries about privacy contact:   Dalhousie Legal Council

The information entered into the UNIWeb systems is securely stored in Canadian servers