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UNIWeb @ Dalhousie

You control your privacy

There are two levels of control and security for your account:

  • Profile page: When your account becomes active, it features a publicly visible profile page that by default includes your name, position, and email address (i.e. information that appears in the current directory). Any additional information listed on the public profile is entirely at the discretion of individual users.
  • UNIWeb CV: When you enter CV information in UNIWeb (e.g. publications, teaching and service activities), this information is private by default. Some CV information can be automatically cross-posted to your profile page if you wish to make it publicly visible. Individual users have complete control over what information their UNIWeb CV contains.

Who can modify my UNIWeb profile?

  • You are the only person who is able to input or modify information in your UNIWeb CV unless you authorize it.
  • The only persons who will be able to view your entire CV are the reviewer(s) to whom you would normally submit your annual activity reports (i.e., your Chair and your Dean, and their staff delegates who are normally authorized to process/handle these documents).
  • In addition, Research Services will be able to access the research-only parts of your CV for the purposes of promoting your work, building research networks and reporting on university aggregate research activity.

Where is the information in UNIWeb stored?

UNIWeb content is saved on Canadian servers.