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Aboriginal Law

Legal Encyclopedias

Legal encyclopedias are located inside the Primary Sources room on the 2nd floor, aisle 34.

Key Canadian Abridgment Volumes

After identifying key terms and concepts, you are ready to identify relevant caselaw. The Canadian Abridgment is a key research tool for identifying cases. It is a digest service that arranges the abstracts of cases reported by topics in alphabetical order.

Each volume includes a list of all the abbreviations used, a list of all the cases cited, and then a detailed table of contents. If you have identified your topic areas, you should be able to locate cases indexed under that topic. If the abstract seems useful, you may use the citation information to locate this case in print or a database.

1. Constitutional Law
2. Reserves and Real Property
3. Government and Aboriginal People
4. Aboriginal Rights to Natural Resources
5. Family Law
6. Debtors and Creditors
7. Employment Law
8. Quasi-Criminal Offenses
9. Taxation of Aboriginal Persons and Aboriginal Property
10. Practice and Procedure
11. Miscellaneous