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Research Data Management

This guide is intended to assist researchers with data management and provide access to data management tools and services.

Archiving Data

A good way to preserve important research data is to store it in a trusted data repository. Data repositories can be domain specific (focusing on astronomical data for example) or general purpose.

To prepare data for long term storage:

1. Convert files to sustainable, open file formats. Open file formats help ensure access to your data over the long term as proprietary software can become more difficult to use over time. However, some features of files can be lost when converted. Best practice is to keep both the original files and open copies. The UK Data Service provides thorough guidance on preservation friendly file formats. The table below includes some common file types and format options.

text txt
images tif
tabular csv
video mp4
audio mp3, flac
other pdf

2. Document and describe your data. Data documentation can take the form of README files, codebooks, or data dictionaries. To learn more, see the Publish tab.