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Research Data Management

This guide is intended to assist researchers with data management and provide access to data management tools and services.

Storing Data at Dal

Dalhousie University's Information Technology Services (ITS) provides general Electronic Storage Guidelines for managing and protecting your digital information.

Dalhousie's Office of Research Services has provided additional, in-depth guidelines for Protecting Electronically Stored Personally Identifiable Research Data.

Everyone at Dalhousie has a responsibility for effectively managing and protecting University Information in their care, in accordance with university policies. This is so that we:

  • Protect University Information from theft, security breaches, or data losses
  • Ensure continuity of university operations
  • Meet requirements of federal and provincial regulations and policies

Advanced Research Computing Resources

ACENET, a regional partner of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, is a consortium of post-secondary institutions that provides advanced computing resources, expertise, consulting, training and support free of charge to researchers in Atlantic Canada. It serves needs beyond desktop computers' capabilities, including high performance, big data, cloud and GPU computing, storage, and large-scale file transfer.

Obtain an account to get started, or for more information, contact