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Agricola Collections

A guide to the MacRae Library's Archives & Special Collections

Policies & Procedures

Agricola Collections User Policy

 Our principle responsibility is to ensure the safety of the archives material entrusted to our care.  Access is closely monitored because the materials are very precious to the history of agriculture.


Most archives and special collections use different policies and procedures than libraries.  Some of our policies and procedures include:

  • Closed stacks.  It is not possible to browse the stacks where archival and special collections materials are held.  Researchers must request the items from staff member whom will then retrieve the materials for you.
  • Non-circulating items.  All Archives and Special Collections materials do not circulate.  There are some exceptions, but generally speaking, the materials can only be used in the Archives and Special Collections reading room.
  • Requesting archival materials.  Requests for archival materials must be made during regular office hours.  Night and weekend staff cannot access archival materials.
  • No food or beverages.  Archival and special collections materials are rare or irreplaceable.  The reading room has a strict no food/no drink policy. Researchers with open beverages will be asked to finish their drinks prior to coming into the reading room.
  • No pens. Pens are not permitted near archival materials, so make sure you bring some #2 pencils and some erasers with you, preferably a vinyl eraser. We use Staedtler Mars White Vinyl Erasers. 

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these policies and procedures and to plan your visit accordingly.  See the tab on accessing archival materials for more information on how to gain access to materials held at the Archives and Special Collection.